About Ms. Radovets


My name is Ilona Radovets.   I was born in the western part of Ukraine (try to find it on a map!).  When I was 13 my family immigrated to the United States.  I grew up in Federal Way, WA and it`s the place I call home.   After I graduated from high school I attended a local community college and then transferred to Western Washington University in Bellingham (Go Vikings!!!!).  This is my eighth year of teaching Ancient Civilizations class, but second year in RSD.  I enjoy working with my middle school students!  Each day we discover different places, learn from each other and make new memories on our 6th grade journey together :).

 Random Facts:

  • Birthday:  July 19
  • I enjoy camping, reading, cooking, scrapbooking and traveling                             
  •  I  dislike any type of onion
  • My favorite animal is monkey (not sure why)
  •  I am afraid of turkeys, spiders, snakes, rats, chickens, bugs, etc (pretty much anything) 
  • I LOVE any chocolates and sour candy!
  • I own about 45 scarves and always shopping for more :)
  • I have one younger brother (over 6 feet tall now, but still my little brother)
  • I love history books and movies
  • Never ask me to sing :)
  • My favorite places to visit one day are Italy, Austria, Egypt and Israel.
  • In 2016, I finished my Master`s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction.