Mrs. Bundy’s 2nd Grade Classroom

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At Renton Park we adhere to the “Renton Park Way.”

All staff, students, parents, volunteers, and visitors are expected to:Be Safe, Show Respect, and Be Responsible.

Contact Information:


Mrs. Kat Psomostithis-Bundy M. Ed

2nd Grade Teacher


Phone: 425-204-2974

Room: A113

Renton Park Contact Information:

Renton Park Elementary School
16828 128th Avenue SE
Renton, WA 98058

Phone: (425) 204-2950

FAX: (425) 204-2957

Attendance Line, available 24 hours: (425) 204-2960

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday


8:30 Morning Announcements,

 Preparation for the Day

8:40 Math

9:45 Reading

10:10 Recess

10:25 Interventions/Content (Social Studies/Science)

11:50 Recess/Lunch

12:25 Writing

1:15-2:00 Specialist

2:00 Reading

3:00 Read Aloud

3:10 Dismissal

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8:30 Morning Announcements, Preparation for the Day

8:40 Math

9:25 PE

10:10 Recess

10:25 Interventions/Content (Social Studies/Science)

11:50 Recess/Lunch

12:25 Writing

1:30 Reading

3:00 Read Aloud

3:10 Dismissal

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Specialist Schedule

Monday- Music

Tuesday- Library

Wednesday- PE

Thursday- PE

Friday- Music


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10:00 Morning Announcements, Preparation for the Day

10:10 Science

11:00 Recess

11:15 Math

12:15 Recess/Lunch

12:50 Class Meeting/Social Skills

1:35 Music

2:10 Reading

3:10 Dismissal 



Renton Park Parent Teacher Association

·       2017-18 PTA board members:

  • President: Kim Foerster
  • Vice-Presidents: Meegan Prince & Cari McLaughlin
  • Secretaries: Kristen Morgan and Jennie Haynes
  • Treasurer: Lucy Blaiotta
  • Communications: Emily Ryan-Lysova


Contact Information

PTA e-mail:

PTA also has a Facebook page.

Renton Park PTA also has a PTA page - 

Birthdays in the Classroom


Birthdays are special events for children and we look forward to those special days and welcome snacks in honor of your child! Summer birthdays will always be honored (and it is encouraged) if your family wishes. 


Please do not send any treats that require cutting, scooping, or that require other intensive serving preparations. Please make sure any treat that is sent is edible for the entire group and serves every child in the classroom. We do have tree nut and peanut allergies in our classroom. Please do not send birthday (or treats for any other event) that contain any type of nut. Thank you!



 School Supplies


2017 - 2018 

Individual Supplies:

  • 1 Backpack (with student’s name written in permanent marker)
  • 1 Plastic pencil box (approximately 5”X8”)
  • 1 Box of 24 Count crayons 1 Box of washable markers
  • 1 Pair of scissors (pointed, FiskarsTM-type)
  • 1 Watercolors paint set, prefer CrayolaTM 
  • 1 Spiral notebook
  • 1 Two-pocket folder
  •    Colored pencils (optional)
  •    Earbuds or Headphones (optional)


Community Supplies (things shared with the whole class):

  • 1   Small bottle of liquid glue, prefer ElmersTM
  • 1   Pack of glue sticks (8+count)
  • 1   Pack black dry erase markers
  • 2   Boxes of sharpened pencils
  • 1   Container wipes, prefer CloroxTM 
  • 1   Box of tissues
  • 1   Pack of pencil erasers 

Boys: bring 1 box of sandwich bags

Girls: bring 1 box of gallon size bags