Hello! Welcome to Music at Sierra Heights!

        Mrs. Sawrey will be transferring to Sartori

       We wish her the best in her new adventures!


                    Have a great summer!  

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About Us:

Kristen Severud  has worked in Renton School District (RSD) for many years. She teaches students in Kindergarten - 5th grade and is the RSD Elementary Fine Arts Facilitator.

Kathy Sawrey has been a teacher in RSD for over 20 years and teaches students in Kindergarten - 5th grade. She is a 2014 Golden Acorn recipient in the Kent School District for her "Leadership in Schools and Community"

Working in partnership to create a safe, rigorous & enriching environment for learning. 

Our program provides:

♫ exposure to a wide variety of music

♫  experiences that will lead students to value music in their lives

♫ opportunities to participate in musical activities

♫ opportunities for musical creativity

Our program develops:

♫ the ability to listen to and appreciate music of diverse styles and cultures

♫ skills in movement, singing and playing instruments

♫ music literacy

♫ the ability to continue musical learning independently