May and June 2016 Parent Information

Dear parents,

Here is a quick update of activities going on in my music classes.

First of all, thank you for supporting Talbot Hill's music program. My partner teacher, Ms. Haynes, and I have worked on the Veterans' Day concert and Primary Concert together.

We are preparing for and conducting joint rehearsals for our jazz concert as well as teaching students about some jazz elements.



Final arrangements are put on the calendar for Dance Week. All students will dance during all of Specialist times. Dance is a fun and creative method to combine music, drama, and PE subjects.

It also is a fun way to expend energy, work with a team, and build self-confidence.


I have been trained in the SIOP (Relating to students from different cultures, etc.) to help students learn and achieve in a way which they feel comfortable with, including nonverbal signals, group goals and evaluations, and self-evaluatioins. The goal of SIOP training is to provide learning for ALL students. Remember,"Music has something for everyone!"


In my music classes, I use a large amount of dance and movement. I use ethnic dancing, choreographed dancing, improvisational dances, and interpretive dances, and much more. Movement is a fun way to incorporate music lessons, and it is an element of your child's music education in both district, state, and National Boards Standards. Movement is even used for music appreciation, music literacy, and performance.

I have also been working on elements of music: Form, Harmony, Literacy, Rhythm, Dynamics, Melody, Beat, Timbre, Pitch using different methods which reach many different students and their learning styles:

Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory. I also use Multiple Intelligences to ensure your child learns concepts easily in many different ways. Every child possesses many different intelligences which help in their education.

For instance: Math, Art, Music, Physical Education, and much more.

All students must be able to name and show the proper percussion techniques before playing an instrument.

Kindergarten is now focusing on using percussion and reading quarter notes to accompany new songs. They use movement, percussion, and their voices

1st grade is now focusing on using their knowledge of different note values by using percussion instruments, word syllable/note values (1 or 2 sounds..8th or quarter notes) movement, dance, songs, and singing games.

2nd grade is now focusing on continuing their knowledge of using and practicing music symbols by dance, song, singing games, Flash card drills in small groups, including aural recognition of a note value and visual recognition. They are now working on creating some Music Art, incorporating those symbols they have learned.

3rd grade was using note and rest values, incorporating them in recognition, performance, and creation of music phrases plus using dance, song, and music appreciation. They are also doing joint rehearsals with Ms. Haynes's music classes in preparation for our Jazz Spring Concert. They will also participate in the native African percussion unit as it is scheduled for delivery in a few weeks.

4th grade is learning more about music literacy and practicing it by recognizing and creating percussion measures which can be performed using body percussion and percussion instruments. We are scheduled to spend a few weeks learning how to play native African percussion, singing songs, hearing stories, and doing simple dances. They are currently focusing on joint concert rehearsals with Ms. Haynes's classes.

4th and 5th graders recently participated in a West Hill Choral Festival featuring students from Dimmitt Middle School, Campbell Hill, Lakeridge, and Highlands.

5th graders are learning/reviewing music literacy using movement, recognition, body percussion, percussion, and much more. They are currently focusing on joint choir rehearsals with Ms., Haynes's classes.