May and June Music Newsletter

May 7, 2015

Dear parents.

I would like to inform you about our music classes!

Kindergarten is working on Multicultural music. This will include dances, instruments, and songs from different cultures.

1st Grade is finishing up their knowledge of quarter notes by clapping, singing, dancing, and drawing. We will be starting a Multicultural music unit soon.

2nd Grade is finishing their work with quarter AND eighth notes by spoken word, body percussion, singing, dancing, and instruments.

3rd, 4th, and 5th grades are busy preparing for their May 29th concert. Parent Information notes will be distributed very soon. Our concert's theme will be thanking and honoring our classroom teachers by singing one of their favorite songs. We hope that you can attend the concert. Its time is 10:45-11:15 am.

5th graders will be preparing for their state-mandated 5th grade achievement tests. I will provide more information.

All grades will learn about native African Instruments starting in June. The students will learn how to play the instruments using a special chart, singing songs, do simple dances, and do a literature activity.