All Aboard to Talbot Hill Express!

Let's Have an Adventure in Mrs. Mounlamai's Kindergarten Class!



Three things to ensure that we have a school year full of fun and learning are:

1) Be on time to class

    -Breakfast starts 8:35 am Monday thru Thursday and 10:05 am on Friday. Class starts 8:55am Monday thru Thursday and 10:25am on Friday. The expectation is that students READ OR EAT in the morning. Students who do not eat breakfast at school will read in the morning outside of their classroom until class starts.

2) Turn in Reading Log

    - Please read with your child every night for 20 minutes as well as sign the Reading log (A letter will be sent home when this starts).

3) Let Teacher know of any questions or concerns about your child

    -My goal is for your child to have a successful school year. Please let me know if you have any concerns and I can schedule a time for a meeting.