The Circle of Courage

   The Circle of Courage is combined with a level system in our program to help guide students through the process of learning social skills and positive behaviors. All students begin the year on the red portion of the circle titled "Belonging," during this time students will learn the skills needed to be apart of a group. Next students move on to the yellow portion titled "Mastery," where they will not only have mastered our classroom values but are willing to experience new things and view them as learning opportunities. The third portion of the circle is white and is titled "Independence," during this stage students are learning to accept responsibility for the actions and how to manage their behaviors independently. Lastly, students move to the black section of the circle titled "Generosity," where students practice giving back to their peers, school, and community.

   Students navigate their way through the Circle of Courage by earning points on their daily passports. Students earn points throughout the school day for following behavior expectations as well as completing academic work. 

   Each time a student has mastered a section of the circle he/she will have a one-on-one meeting with me to discuss how they were able to accomplish their goals and what modifications, if any, need to be made in order to keep achieving their goals. After our meeting the student will complete a small project for our class, the school, and/or the community and then we will have a whole class celebration! :)