Welcome to Talbot Hill!

Ms. Madsen’s 3rd/4th Discovery Class

 Hello parents and students! I am so excited for this 2017-2018 school year.

Here is some general information: 

School Bells:  1st 8:55am           2nd 9:00            End of the Day  3:35

Homework: It will just be whatever work students do not finish during math, and reading 30 minutes a night and recording it in their reading logs. There may be other projects here and there where it would be helpful to work at home as well, but they will not be all the time. 

Microsociety classes are Monday - Thursday 2:50pm-3:35pm. 

Snack/Food Policy: We have many allergies in our classroom, including dairy, eggs, peanuts, nuts, and shellfish. I do not allow students to share snacks in class for any reason due to this. I will also be providing snack for the students to make sure that we are careful of these allergies. 

Birthday Policy: My policy for birthdays is that we will celebrate everyone's birthday from that month the second to last Friday of the month. And on that day parents can bring treats in/give their students treats to bring in and hand them out near the end of the day. Making sure to follow the food policy above and being aware of and considerate of the students with allergies. 


Looking forward to a great year! If you have any questions feel free to email me. My email is in the tab to the left.

-Ms. Madsen