Welcome to the Talley High School Virtual Program 

Online learning opportunities are expanding at a very fast pace.  A study by the Hoover Institute at Stanford University estimates that half of all high school courses may have an online component by 2019.  Being able to effectively utilize online education is a vital 21st Century skill!

The Renton School District contracts with the Edgenuity online high school program to provide a rigorous and relevant educational opportunity.  The Edgenuity program is aligned with all Washington State and Common Core standards.  Students have access to  certified teachers who provide guidance and assistance in real time.  In addition students may study anytime-24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Students are awarded credits as they complete courses.

The rigorous nature of the Virtual Learning Model requires focus, dedication and a willingness to take charge of your own education.  This program is not an easy alternative to traditional high school programs.  Like most things in life, achievement comes through hard work and perseverance.  The Virtual Learning Program offers an opportunity to use advanced technology to fulfill your goals and lay a foundation for the future.

Timothy Jenkins, Virtual Program Coordinator   timothy.jenkins@rentonschools.us   425-204-4539