Welcome to Mr. Collins Tiffany Park Elementary Physical Education website. It is under development, so please check back often to see what has changed. If you want to see what is coming up make sure you click on the events tab. It will show you some of the things lined up for this year.

Remember exercise is good for everyone. So what exercise has your family done today?  Email and let me know. I might give a tiger paw to the best family exercise idea.  Here is to a great 2016- 2017 school year.

September primary students k-2 have been working on locomotor skills, tag games, wall ball activities, hula hoop tricks and beginning kicking skills.  We will continue this into October and add football tag, football relays and some clean up the back yard games to practice our kicking and throwing in a game environment.  Intermediate students took there first physical fitness tests and have been working on soccer as well as the five components of health and fitness.  We will continue with this and add football activities, catching and throwing, speed football, flag tag and other activities to work our cardio-respiratory endurance for the month of October.  Have a great month of October and make sure to email what your family is doing to exercise at home.  Just so you know the UW volleyball women are number 8 in the nation and they play on the University of Washington campus.  It is not that far away and a great way to get you students excited about college and see a college atmosphere. Tickets I think are 7 or 8 dollars.  Go to: gohuskies.com to see when they have their next home game.  Go DAWGS.